Deaf Austrians and National Socialism

Fotos von der DVD-Präsentation an der Universität Wien, 15. September 2009

Fotos von Philipp Schalber

DVD-Präsentation Verena Krausneker and Katharina Schalber

DVD-Präsentation Interpreters Sabine Zeller and Barbara Gerstbach.

DVD-Präsentation The presentation of the DVD at University of Vienna is met with great interest: Deaf eye witnesses and their familiues are present as well as researchers and teachers.

DVD-Präsentation Katharina Schalber welcomes the guests.

DVD-Präsentation Helene Jarmer sen. is one of the 24 interviews eye witnesses. She narrates how bombs were so dangerous for her deaf family who could not hear the sirens.

DVD-Präsentation DVD-Präsentation
At 91 he remembers that he received the draft from Wehrmacht but as a deaf man he did not have to serve.

DVD-Präsentation DVD-Präsentation
Barbara Schuster (Verein Kinderhände did not know anything about her communities' history and is very moved by the films.

DVD-Präsentation DVD-Präsentation
Lukas Huber, board of the ÖGLB (, is content that with the DVD there is now fully accessible teaching material but demands more for deaf pupils!

DVD-Präsentation Dr. Eleonore Lappin of InJÖst

DVD-Präsentation This eye-witness was nearly focefully sterilized by the national socialists. He is passionately signing: We need more information in Austreian Sign Language!

DVD-Präsentation Claudia Schweinzer of SignTime TV. (

DVD-Präsentation Liz Rotter of GEBÄRDENWELT.

DVD-Präsentation Gabi Zemann, board of the ÖGLB (

DVD-Präsentation Barbara Gerstbach interpreting applause.

DVD-Präsentation Verena Krausneker thanks the audience.