Deaf Austrians and National Socialism

The Austrian Deaf community has been well organised and unified by a common language since the 19th century. But since only 10% of Deaf people have Deaf parents, therefore the transfer of language, the preservation of culture and identity and the handing down of the common history are especially fragile. Hence, documenting the experiences of older people and making them accessible for Deaf children and youth is all the more important. National Socialist rule brought forth changes for everyone. The Deaf community was in particular danger (less information, no alarms) and directly threatened by Nazi legislation (e.g. forced sterilisations). Courses of action taken then and ways to deal with memories today vary greatly, just like in the hearing society.

Deaf Clubs (19 min)
Schools for the Deaf (19 min)
War (43 min)
Shoa (50 min)
Forced Sterilisations (21 min)
Camps (sorry! online only available with German subtitles)
Nazi Euthanasia (sorry! online only available with German subtitles)
Resistance (sorry! online only available with German subtitles)

PDF (Download): Further Information on the topic.

These films are non-commercial and originate from the DVD „Deaf Austrians and National Socialism“. The DVD has been sold out twice, therefore we decided to make the films fully available for free on this website.

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The DVD is the result of a one-year research project funded by:
Zukunftsfonds of the Republic of Austria,
National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism,
City of Vienna and Österreichische Forschungsgemeinschaft.